Friday, February 20, 2009


There is so much talk now about the greenhouse effect, peak oil and the economic crisis. They all go together really, as far as I am concerned, and while I don't like to say 'I told you so' (well I do in someways, but that is not the point!) the 'greenies' and 'radicals' have been saying exactly this for a good 15-20 years (probably more - but I have been saying it for about that long).

I bought the latest Organic Gardener mag the other day (great mag if you are into that sort of stuff by the way), and one of my favourite writers Linda Cockburn wrote an article on the ways we need to challenge ourselves (all of us) to reduce our impact on the earth. Her family challenged themselves a few years ago to live for 6 months without spending money. Crazy maybe, but that is what we now being forced to do. Consumerism is such a big part of the whole big problem we now face. We buy so much junk, if you ever go to the rubbish tip your jaw drops. To think how many rubbish tips there are out there.... I think we live too easy - we just put stuff in the bin and its gone, we don't need to think about it. I guess we need to imagine what it would be like if there was no rubbish truck, I think we would all think more carefully about what we bring home, if we had no way of getting rid of it.... hmmm, if the oil goes then there wont be rubbish trucks.... although I guess there wont be supermarkets and shopping centres filled with crap either....

Anyway, I wanted to challenge ourselves a little. We already do some things - not enough as they reckon we ALL need to reduce our carbon footprint by 90% or so, that is to keep the earth roughly as it is, and I don't fancy living in an oven....

This year so far
  • we have been baking our own bread - I hate the plastic bags associated with buying bread.
  • We have only turned the TV on 2-3 times this year (I would love to see it gone for good - I hate how it sucks you in to watch stuff that you don't even want to watch.... and it spoils conversation etc).
  • We already have solar power here, and buy green power too, for what we need to buy.
  • I try not to buy too much stuff, and the kids are pretty much 90% dressed in 2nd stuff from the OP shop (and their clothes go back there once they have outgrown them), I mostly only buy from the OP shop too, but mostly don't buy myself clothes (hey I am a stay at home mum, so don't need nice stuff, it only gets covered in yoghurt or other stuff anyway). I want to make more of our own stuff too.
  • we buy organic and locally grown food, and grow some of our own.
Not sure how else to cut back though. Any ideas? I think its important to communicate what we are all doing to make changes, as I think it helps inspire and give ideas to others. I don't think we do enough. And our renovation is certainly using up the 'good carbon karma' that we have gained on other things - but that is nearly over. I know that when we move to our farm, we will be better positioned to reduce our impact, so we are really working hard at that.

OK, now I will stop! Just call me the raving green lunatic!

I have just started propagating seedlings for the winter crops - peas, broccoli, beetroot, silverbeet etc. I seem to have so much more success with my winter crops. I am sad to report that this gardener is next to useless with the summer vegies.... I have yellow fingers it seems. But I am stubborn, and keep trying. Looking forward to the next Diggers Club catalouge, it has the garlic bulbs, fruit trees and other goodies that I am eagerly waiting for... hmm, come on postie!

Oh, and some other good news - any aussies out there who want to get into scything - Scythes Australia has just started up, and they are selling a limited range of Austrian blades at a reasonable price, we are excited, as we need a few more and the exchange rates have been terrible! And I have communicated with the people there, and they seem really lovely.

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  1. more greeny ways - if you shower limit it to 3 minutes, get a fly swatter you dont need the sprays, turn off everything at night or when not in use, we only have our fridge and an alarm clock using power at night when we are sleeping and throughout the day if nothings being used.

    turn the power setting down on your hot water system, youll save money and power.

    use the power saver light bulbs, they are cheap to buy nowadays i paid about $6 for a bulb, but they last longer and a 15w bulb is the equivilent to a 60w bulb, youll use less power and save money on your power bills

    - get a compost happening,

    recycle your plastics, tins, cardboard etc if you have those facilities available,

    well i think thats all i can think of and what we do, so I hope it helps you :)