Friday, July 24, 2015


Its been a busy time on our little farm lately.  The days have been mostly filled with little bits here and there that after a week, month, year (or several years) start to add up to things finished and real progress that is just fabulous!

The polytunnel is 'almost' finished now.  We just have the 2 ends (doors) to complete, which I suppose are the most complicated part, as we want them to open right up for ventilation in summer, but also be robust enough to handle the wind.  Still finalizing the design, but we have some ideas how to do that.  The inside of the polytunnel is coming along too, 6 vegetable beds are formed up (5 are planted out - still have to tidy up one bed), plenty of seedlings growing, and in the next few weeks I'll start all those summer crops - tomatoes etc.  Just want to make sure I don't waste all my seed by sowing too early and killing the poor things.  We have the plumbing supplies to set up our little goldfish/lotus/waterlilly pond so hopefully we will fill that before the rain stops, as we can't afford to use that amount of water once summer comes along.  Around the pond I plan to grow a permaculture type garden, filled to the brim with sub-tropical goodies like ginger, tumeric, galangal, lemongrass, bananas, coffee, passionfruit and vegetables like melons and maybe sweet potatoes. I think perhaps we should have made the tunnel bigger....

almost done!
We had an incredibly dry and mild June (apparently the driest/warmest on record?), but July decided to bring a bit of chill, with lots of good frosty mornings.  The kids loved the icy puddles, but I don't know what the chooks thought of it all!

With spring around the corner I've been madly buying seeds (some girls buy shoes - I am happy in gumboots mostly - for me its seeds, plants and books...), I have a very wide selection of plants that even on our property I wonder if I'll run out of space!  I most certainly will run out of time and water once the heat comes....

Apart from that I'm trying to get my garden in order, as I got a bit slack with weeding and well, like every year at this time I live to regret that....  Oh well, I'm a slow learner but I'll get there - Note to self -keep the weeds under control!!!!

Anyway, its all good, and loving every minute of it (even the weeding)!!