Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goodbye Gypsy

We are in complete shock this morning, to find that our Gypsy - our milking goat's (almost all grown up) baby is dead. For no apparent reason.

We have had her since she was only 2 weeks old, and so small I could hold her in my arms. We watched her grow up, jump on our backs when we bent down in the paddock, chase the dog, and mature into a very beautiful healthy goat. We tried to give her the best 'childhood' so that she would be a great milker.....

It gets you every time, no matter how many you lose, it just never gets easier does it?

Goodbye Gypsy.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Its been getting colder and wetter now, and the autumn winds are sure blowing up here. We have been enjoying eating the wild mushrooms popping up on our land, they are beautiful flavoured. We are also fortunate that there are several chestnut trees growing wild along the roadsides in our area. Chestnuts are definately a food of the autumn and are something to be enjoyed on a cold evening.

The kids and I ventured out to collect a box of chestnuts on the weekends. For me chestnuts have alot of memories associated with my childhood in Switzerland, and of times spent at my great-aunts place in Chestnut growing country. I have always enjoyed getting the nuts out of their very prickly cases, and the process of peeling them.

We roasted a small amount of nuts a few nights ago, ate some and turned the rest into soup. They are great for thickening up soups or stews and add a nutty flavour. You can also add the cooked nut into stir-fries and make deserts as well.

I doubt any one else in our area collects these nuts, so I am sure we will go back and collect some more before they all rot. I think the chestnuts will be the last of our harvests before winter sets in. I've been propagating lots of winter greens and brassicas for the garden, which are going in as we speak. I suspect that unless the weather changes pretty dramatically I will be making a big batch of green tomatoe chutney, as only half a dozen tomatoes have ripened so far!!! Maybe for next spring we will have to set up a small greenhouse!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Simple joys

I love this time of year, a gentle time, not too hot and not yet bitterly cold. The apple harvest is over (for us), but now comes the next harvest! We have been enjoying these goodies every few days, and I think it will improve as autumn progresses.

There has been a bit of this:

and this:

Lots of watching these little guys:

(sadly we lost one, so now there are only 4 - 1 rooster and 3 hens)

And lots of walks around the property, enjoying the clear autumn sky.