Our farm

We have a bit over 20 acres of fairly marginal farmland, much of which is steep and not suitable to farming.  The steep areas we have fenced off (or are in the process of fencing off) and are either planted or allowed to regenerate as habitat for our local wildlife.  We feel that it is important for all landholders to share our land with the animals that once lived there.  Not only is a 'fair' thing to do, but also it assists with pest control to have a balanced ecology.

We are still setting up our land.  There is still much fencing to do, shedding to build, gardens to set up and trees to plant.  Its a work in progress!

We are 'organic' farmers, we don't spray our weeds, but either pull them out or cut the flower heads off, or just hack them out.  We don't believe the use of poison is a long term solution to ANY problem.

Our goals for our farm
To establish fruit trees to supply all our fruit needs.
To allow nature to restablish itself on all our steep land.
To fence off and set up irrigation for a large vegetable garden that will not only provide for us, but also our community.
To set up a permaculture food/poultry forage forest.