Monday, September 17, 2007

The times are a changing

We got our hay shed concreted!!! YAY! We ended up getting a contractor to do the job, so it cost a bit of money, but realistically we would have struggled to do it on our own, with a baby and a dog to keep off the wet concrete. So we are very happy about this.

Not much else at the farm currently. I'm getting a vegy patch ready for planting corn and pumkins and a few other things, but that isn't quite ready. The weather the last few days hasn't been ideal for working outside, with all the rain we have had. We had 20mm here over night!!! Trees are all pretty much in, and I guess we will have to start some other job soon! (Its not like us to not have millions of jobs started, and urgently needing to be finished!!!)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Spring is yellow!

This time of year is just so yellow in our part of the world. The silver wattles are flowering, and the hills are YELLOW. Plus there are heaps of daffodils in flower too. At the farm so many 'wild' daffodils are popping up all over the place. They are remnants of the old house/farm that once was there. Apparently these daffodils are quite a rare type, although they seem so common in the area.

Most of the tree planting is now done, just a few plants left to go in, but the mad rush is now over. Fingers crossed that we will still get some more rain, so that they might survive the summer. Its already dried up so much here, I'm a bit concerned that we will have a worse year than last year. Scary stuff really. Good thing our politicians are taking the whole climate change thing seriously and not really investing in CLEAN renewable electricity and low emmission transportation.... Frustrating - our lives and those of the future generations are at the mercy of people who think money is more important than the PLANET!!!! Who can reason with that!

Anyway, should stop raving!

Here is what was going to be a photo of some of my recent handspun yarn, but she took over the photo shoot, throwing the skein on the floor everytime I tried to take a photo! You can sort of see the yarn though, blue, pink, purple and black.