Thursday, February 5, 2009

The heat is on!

Tomorrow is forcast to be a very hot 43C. Last week fires were burning only a few km'sto the east of the farm, those have been brought under control (after burning about 30 houses). Now to the west new fires are going, and its expected that they will be well and truly out of control, as the weather is just hellish... Its just so dry right now.

We are one of the few households that don't have airconditioning (by choice). Although our house is not well designed (can't get much worse really as far as keeping cool goes) its not too bad, if you keep the curtains closed, and keep the sun out. There is a small window at around 4pm or so when its still hot outside, but the house has heated up. We went to the pool for the first time last week to cool off after the 3rd or 4th 40+C day in a row... There will be a bit of this here tomorrow!

The kids in the kitchen sink, one sink each!

Keeping the kids cool is probably the hardest. That and the dogs, and the garden, arrghhh, come on autumn!

The kids are well. Our not so little boy is starting to say 'mum' and is very good at sitting up and reaching around himself - 9 months old now - but still not crawling! Our girl has proved herself to be an expert little puzzle doer - she is now doing 50 piece puzzles (for age 4)... such a clever thing, but such an insomniac!

This week, I caught up with one of the ladies from the local spinning group. We swapped some fleece. I gave her some alpaca fleece, and she gave me about 600g or so of sheep fleece half merino (the top staple) and some border leicester (the bottom one) - check out the staple length!!! Its around 30cm or so! I am looking forward to spinning some greasy fleece for a change.

Although that will have to wait till I finish some knitting - I have decided that there will be no spinning till I get a few bits knitted up. Just too much yarn here (yeah I know, no such thing!!)... Getting there.


  1. Looks like we'll be going to the pool again tomorrow! I'm happy with how the heater came out, especially since we were considering upgrading the gas heater itself, we ended up cleaning it up and putting it back. Its amazing what a bit of concrete, paint, timber and some tiles can do. And there's not much left to finish off inside! yay

  2. you have the same gas heater as we do in our old heritage house - ours is built into what is the old stone fireplace :)

    i remember running under the sprinkler to keep cool as a kid,good times ;)

    love your fleece too - guess what Im getting some finn fleece - sooo excited to finally try this fleece as ive never spun it before.

    OK keep cool oh and i didnt want to tell you but weve had light rain on and off tonight - sorry none has gone your way :(