Sunday, February 8, 2009


Around lunchtime yesterday - just before the burnt leaves started dropping.... It was incredible, got so dark, because of the smoke, and there was thunder - caused by the fire!

Yikes, yesterday was one interesting day! Fires basically raged over half the state, and were very close to our place. Our neighbours evacuated their place (a little extreme), but apparently a house in our town burnt down due to ember attack. There certainly were embers in the air, and they did put out an urgent threat warning for us, but thankfully the wind died down over night and it was very still.

I am wondering how people I know fared, some living right where the fires have burnt. My old workplace is likely trashed (I didn't enjoy working there, but still you don't really wish for this...). And its worse in other parts of Victoria. I've read that entire towns have been burnt out... Scary.

On the up side, our farm so far has been safe (fingers crossed), although I have been watching the CFA as there has been a grass fire up there.... Off today to check.

A friend of ours is off today to fight the fire that is burning very close to us. Good luck! Hoping for rain (still).


  1. keep safe - hopefully things will get better weatherwise for your guys :)

  2. I hope that you and your family keep safe. It is so devastating to watch and I cant imagine how you are all feeling. I am going to knit some squares for blankets though and help out that way.

  3. I hope you re ok,Im so worried about Rache,she was looking for her Husband and was expecting bad news and now her blogs been deleted so Ive presumed shes had news.This is the worst thing to have happen,I truley feel for everyone in Victoria.The true horror will never been really understood apart from the those who experienced it firsthand.

  4. thinking of you and your family....hope you are okay....