Friday, February 13, 2009

The enormity of it all

When I last posted the major fires had just burnt out large areas (including towns), they are still going, but not posing a very direct threat to anyone at the moment. That will all change as the weather warms up etc. When I last posted on the sunday morning there was no idea about how many had died - its 181 now, and rising.... Until laast night I had been very detatched from it all, looking at it from a perspective of how to better plan for fires in the future.

Last night I read what my friend in Hazelwood South went through on the saturday. It brought it home for me. Her comment of them cheering when the wind changed and spared them and their home, and how as they cheered others were dying, without even a chance to do anything. Fire razed her area, and caught so many unaware. Entire settlements like Calligne have been lost - only a few survivors. I went to uni at Churchill, one person there lost her house, but how many people I have met or seen in the halls lost their lives.... I don't yet know if anyone I know has died, I know some have lost their homes.

Its just bizarre, areas I know very well have been completely burnt, where I used to keep my horses, the roads I used to drive everyday to work, my workplace. I am so grateful that we have been spared, but so scared, it only takes one idiot - and there are SO many idiots in this world unfortunately....

On a positive, I am working on squares for a 'friendship blanket' for someone I know who lost her home. Its a small thing, but it feels nice to contribute, and I am sure she will be happy to have a lovely blanket handmade by a group of knitters who care. Knitters are good like that.

I guess what we have to take from this is that we need to enjoy every day for what it is, try our best to plan for disasters, but then get on with helping those that are suffering, in what ever way we can. Please everyone stay safe - these damn fires are still going.

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