Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It rained!!

Oh my, we had about 12mm here. We had almost forgotten how it feels! It was good rain too, gentle and all night! Not a moment too soon, we desperately needed it. Its been about 5 weeks that we have had no rain here, and all year since we had a good rain (only 2 rain events for January - both under 10mm). Can you tell I am excited!!

I hope this will help slow down the fires (they are still going), its not enough to put them out though. This fire situation has got me stressed. On bad fire days we can't drive up to our farm, because if there was a fire we don't want to get caught on the road. Yet I want to be there to prepare, and do what is required. I worry for my animals. I hope that the horses will know what to do and where to go if it happened, but they will probably panic. If Brandy were still with us I know she would have led the others to safety, but now Jess is the leader and she isn't clever like that.... Next summer it will be different, we will be there and I wont spend those awful hot days checking out the window for signs of smoke...

The kids are well, full of energy (not sure where they get it from!), and busy little things!

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  1. I love the pictures - the kids are so cute! It was good to see l wasn't only the person who grew tiny tomatoes!
    I hope all is well,
    andy xxx