Monday, June 22, 2015

Winter Solstice

Wishing you a happy winter solstice!

In our part of the world winter has been a bit of an on again/off again affair.  May was cold with snow (not here though) but June has been quite dry (only about 50mL in the rain gauge so far), with beautiful clear days, and frosty mornings.  Its certainly cold overnight, but hardly wintery!

Not much is happening around our little place, just plodding along really, so I thought I would just post some photos, a tour of the farm if you like!


  1. Your cabbage looks so yummy, we have had a very dry June too, but today has made up for that, been raining and hailing most of the day. This may be a funny question but does the milk taste the same with all breeds of goats, and which breed do you recommend for milking. Also can you make ricotta cheese from goats milk.

  2. Hello Julie,
    we have milked 3 different goats, their milk has been the same. I have heard some goats make yucky milk, but I suppose if you can try before you buy that can help. Any dairy breed is good, we have had british alpine and australian brown (that's the one in the photo). I make ricotta type cheese, halumi and fetta regularlly, haven't dabbled much beyond those types, all have been fine. Goats milk tastes the same as cow's milk when its fresh, it only goes 'goaty' when its old or over heated, treated gently and you wouldn't taste the difference - unless they have been eating lots of mustard type weeds or cabbages or something - then its foul!