Saturday, December 31, 2011

All the best for 2012!

Just a quick update (not many updates on the blog in recent times I know!!!).  Our family wish all our family and other readers a very happy new year.  May it be productive, enjoyable, and a great year for all!

2011 has been a very busy year for us.  Between working on the house (the never ending timber frame!!!), setting up our farm, and the daily chores and seasonal activities, we are very busy. 

So, what did we do in 2011?
re-fenced my vegetable garden (to be goat proof).
dug 80sqm potatoe patch (which is close to harvest now!)
got ducks
got geese
hatched 17 chickens (a new one hatched just last week)
built a post and beam frame of heavy hardwood timber and put it up without a crane or machinery of any sort!
got a roof on our frame
cut and split enough firewood for the coming winter
made enough jam to survive any acopalypse that 2012 may bring
planted about a dozen fruit trees and 40 or so raspberry canes
lots of reading and planning for developing our farm into a productive property

Well, thats all I can think of!!

Happy new year!


  1. Happy New Year Sharon! The best to you and yours!

  2. Sharon where are you. Is everything ok. I miss reading you blog