Saturday, August 22, 2009


Our girl turned 3 last week. Time sure does fly. We had a small party for her here, which was really lovely, despite heavy rain (yay!).

the tree on the right was planted when she was born, its now well and truly taller than us (even after the goat ate the top off!

Spring seems to be all around us, even though its still officially winter. The silver wattles are in full flower (and unless I have forgotten what they were like last year, they seem to be much more heavily 'in flower' than in the past- maybe due to the hard summer we had - a neighbour with sheep this year had all multiple lambs - 5 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets - they have never had this before...)

The daffodils are up and their flowers seem a little light on, more just leaves.

Life is good here though. Much work being done, nothing much interesting as such, I've done a drainage trench, there has been some building, work on the vegy garden and planning of future vegy gardens. Tomorrow (hopefully) I will be picking up 2-3 hens to add to our small flock. Should be good!

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