Saturday, December 6, 2008

My precious

I think that raspberries are just wonderful. They are nice to eat, but they are also SO easy to grow. I think that if I were in charge of the world I would make it compulsory for every house to have a small patch! My patch is a rather wild one, it started with just a few suckers that my mum gave me, and each year they multiply. I keep pulling them out of the path and planting them up at the farm or giving them away to others.

This year has been a good year for raspberries (well, actually, I can't think of when we had a BAD year for raspberries!!). I only watered them the first summer that I put them in, and occasionally a bucket of water from the washing machine, and yet we get bucket loads of berries, about 1kg every 2 days for a couple of weeks.

I've already made one batch of jam, and am about to make a second. Our daughter loves them, and helps pick them, and has eaten tonnes of them! The only down side is that each variety only fruits for a short while, so to have a long crop you need a few different varieties.


  1. love the plyed alpaca, mohair, silk sparkly batts - and the raspberries look yummy although Im more of a mulberry person ;)

  2. The raspberries look terrific!

    sounds like you have a wonderful harvest!

    ...and that alpaca is looking very yummy too!

    Nice that you are getting so much accomplished ;-)

  3. the raspberries look fantastic. That is good news about the office and bedroom! You must be very happy about that! Andy