Sunday, October 19, 2008

Its oh so quiet...

Brad has taken our little girl to Tasmania for the weekend for a big family function. I stayed home, because the animals need me, and I'm not much of a fan of flying... I'm an earthy person - I like my feet planted firmly on the ground... I miss them terribly though.

Its a good thing I did stay too, as my old pony has 'issues' - but I wont go into that as its all a little too gruesome, and unfortunately when my family returns, the vet will have to be called and 17 years of friendship will be over... I can't believe it... well, I guess I can, as I've known that it was time, but I was in denial. Hopefully now we will have had our share of death and loss for a while at least (please).

My weekend has been busy even if so incredibly quiet (our daughter is quite the chatterbox). I've planted out about 50 odd corn plants, cut some grass, tidied up etc. Next on my list is some heavy pruning around the house, more cleaning, and possibly some time at the book shop (a toddler in a book shop sort of spoils the whole browsing experience, so I'm making the most of her absence...)

Anyway, so its just me the boy and the dog till monday evening... Counting down...

I'll leave you with a photo of how clever my Brad is... this is a little horse he carved out of cypress for our daughter with just a stanley knife...

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  1. RIP Brandy, we will miss you. I will remember all the good times and smile every time I see your tree.